Vertical cultivation is no longer just the music of the future

Maximizing the use of light and space capacity

MoraviaLab is able to meet the needs of growers of all sizes. The company is engaged in the development and production of vertical growing systems on which herbs, microgreens and various types of vegetables can be grown. The systems work on the principle of hydroponic cultivation, and plants need only water or bio nutrients for their growth.

"We are specialized in indoor cultivation and our goal is to find and use new technological solutions to maximize the use of light and space capacity," explains Ondřej Nedbálek from Vakplast s.r.o., which has been involved in the development and production of hydroponic vertical systems for more than 10 years and the company is capital linked with MoraviaLab. "We have already come a long way, which went through stages of gradual, precise development", outlines Ondřej. "Development is always moving forward and we are improving our systems so that they are as simple and functional as possible for the end user". Growing systems are still being developed, automation elements are being added, and the industrial design of vertical systems is still being improved.

Everyone can grow

"In this area, the cooperation with experts from various fields, cooperation in science and research with universities is important", explains research director at MoraviaLab Zuzana Šitavancová. The company is involved in scientific projects, while developed products and services uses the latest scientific knowledge in the field of vertical hydroponic cultivation.

The systems can be used for home cultivation right in the kitchen, where an individual can grow their own vegetables or microgreens. Special systems have been developed for restaurants, which can offer their own fresh microgreens every day directly from the kitchen. For Ostrava restaurants, a regular delivery of fresh microgreens directly to the business is also ensured. These are delivered on an organic coconut mat and are cut fresh directly onto the plate when the food is served.

Vertical cultivation can be very interesting for both small and large farmers. The Ministry of Agriculture even offers grands for the purchase of vertical systems, which will help finance the start-up of this business.

We want to be there

Hydroponic vertical cultivation of vegetables and microgreens can be considered a very promising branch and in the future will lead to the gradual provision of local food self-sufficiency, which is inevitable in the face of current climate changes and population growth. MoraviaLab has ambitions to participate in this societal change.

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