Our solution

We develop and manufacture vertical growing systems for growing microgreens, hydroponic systems for the production of herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Our products are vertical hydroponic systems with automation and IoT elements that copy the principles of Industry 4.0. and universal design.

Our products and services are developed and supported by the latest scientific research and studies and reflect the latest technological trends.

  • We offer a complete modular solution of vertical cultivation technologies

  • Our systems maximize production and minimize environmental impact

  • We optimize the use of energy sources – our own light source, minimal water consumption

  • Our plants do not need pesticides to grow, microgreens grow only in water

Our systems maximize production per unit area, have minimal requirements for operation, and contain automation elements. Individual inputs, components and quantities of the system are monitored and evaluated. We offer software solutions that facilitate maintenance and operation.

Our customers

We supply vertical systems for households, small growers, restaurants, farmers, institutions and large-capacity halls.

  • Households – everyone can grow fresh vegetables at home in the kitchen or on the balcony

  • Small growers and farmers – we are able to adapt our solutions according to the customer’s requirements

  • Restaurants, hotels and canteens – fresh vegetables and microgreens for your guests and diners every day

  • Companies and institutions – employees and business partners will appreciate sustainable and ecological behavior and a source of vitamins for employees as an extra bonus

  • Large capacity halls – products are scalable, variable in size and capacity, and we can design individual configurations and solutions according to customer requirements

Do not hesitate to contact us for further information and an individual solution offer.

Science, research and education

Our products and services are developed and supported by the latest scientific research and studies, and reflect the latest technological trends. Within our region, we organize educational events to spread awareness about local self-sufficient food production.

  • Science and research – we cooperate with universities and scientific institutions. We are involved in national and international research projects

  • Education – we cooperate with schools of all levels of education and spread awareness about local self-sufficient production of vegetables and fruits

  • Adult education – we have our own showroom, where we demonstrate the possibilities of vertical cultivation and sustainable production to experts and the local public

If you want to get involved or have an idea for an interesting project, please don’t hesitate to contact us.