Who we are

MoraviaLab is an association of companies and individuals from the Moravian-Silesian region, based on a unique combination of innovation, research and implementation of skills in the field of implementing innovative system solutions with a positive impact on the environment and sustainability into practice.

  • We are working on conceptual solution of urban vertical cultivation

  • Our products are scalable, variable in size and capacity and we are able to prepare individual configurations and solutions according to customer requirements

  • We develop and manufacture vertical systems for households, small growers, restaurants, farmers, institutions, large-capacity halls

  • We can calculate the carbon footprint of our production and optimize the energy inputs of the offered systems

  • We develop our own light source (energy-saving LED technology – simulating sunlight, specially developed for our systems)

From history to present time

MoraviaLab s.r.o. has been on the market for more than 10 years. Its areas of activity were mainly focused on the collection, processing and presentation of big data for the purposes of strategic decisions of transport network operators. It provides services in the field of consultations, physical data collection using modern detection technologies, data processing, verification, interpretation and presentation of data to customers.

At the beginning of 2022, MoraviaLab s.r.o. entered the market of hydroponic vertical cultivation under artificial lighting. This innovative economic sector was identified as a development activity of the company and part of the strategic long-term direction and identification of suitable market opportunities in the long term period.

“The goal of MoraviaLab’s activities is the implementation of the CEA (Controlled Environment Agriculture) concept in the Moravian-Silesian region. The basis of the CEA concept is to select and choose such a technology, the concept of vertical cultivation and the methods of distribution of fresh local plants, which will be competitive.”

Ing. Zuzana Šitavancová, PhD., Research Director at MoraviaLab s.r.o.