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Discover the world of hydroponic vertical plant cultivation

We are engaged in hydroponic vertical cultivation systems under artificial lighting. We develop and supply complex modular technological solutions for the vertical cultivation of herbs, microgreens, vegetables and fruits. We are setting up the concept of a new local self-sufficient suistainable form of food production with high nutritional value.

Our vision

We develop, manufacture and implement hydroponic vertical plant cultivation systems under artificial lighting that can be use for production in the conditions of urban agriculture. Our innovative solution for growing microgreens, herbs, vegetables and fruits allows to maximize production per unit area and minimize water and energy consumption. We set up the principles and parameters of local self-sufficient urban food production.

MoraviaLab s.r.o.

We have many years of experience with system solutions based on detailed mapping of processes using data collection and analysis of all measurable and interpretable quantities entering specific systems. We are engaged in research, development and implementation of systems for vertical cultivation of plants under artificial lighting.

Vakplast s.r.o.

We are engaged in the production and development of vertical hydroponic indoor growing systems. We have a long history in the field of vertical cultivation and an established production and sales network of products for vertical cultivation under artificial lighting. Our systems are popular among growers in the Czech Republic, but also abroad for their modularity and economical operation.

LocalGreenGo s.r.o.

We are an innovative start-up from Ostrava dealing with the production of microgreens in the concept of local sustainable production. Our product is a complete comprehensive solution for the local production of vitamins in a self-sufficient ecological form. We make regular deliveries of live microgreens for individuals, restaurants, canteens and other gastro establishments.

Moravia Local Green Lab z.s.

Our mission is to bring together and connect companies and organizations from different areas and fields in order to use scientific knowledge, technological skills and production capacities to develop the innovative branch of urban vertical agriculture in the Moravian-Silesian region. We organize excursions and educational activities for schools, institutions and companies.










What’s new? What have we done and where have we moved? In what direction are the global trends of vertical cultivation developing? You can read all this in our news.

“Vertical farming is an innovative, sustainable form of ensuring food self-sufficiency. Technological progress and the use of the latest  science and research findings enable the production of vegetables and fruits directly in cities, in an energy-efficient way.”

Ing. Zuzana Šitavancová, PhD., Research Director at MoraviaLab, s.r.o.

Our partners

We cooperate with scientific institutions and universities in the research and development of our systems and crops. We try to associate and connect companies and organizations from different areas and fields in order to use scientific knowledge, technological skills and production capacities.

We are open to new challenges, projects and opportunities. Join us.

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