Community vegetable cultivation can help to ensure food self-sufficiency

How to get out of it

The population of our planet is constantly increasing, climate change is changing the environment, and it is necessary to start thinking about how to feed all people in the future and ensure a nutritionally rich diet. According to research director at MoraviaLab s.r.o. Zuzana Šitavancová, the one of the possible solutions of this problem is to engaged the local communities to grow its own vegetables and fruits.

"In the developed economies of Western Europe and North America, awareness of vertical hydroponic local cultivation is at a high level, and there is also societal awareness of the need to ensure food self-sufficiency and a healthy lifestyle," says Dr. Zuzana Šitavancová. The daily availability of fresh, nutrient-dense, pesticide-free vegetables was also one of the reasons she decided to venture into vertical farming. "Cultivation using vertical hydroponic systems ensures that fresh produce is available 365 days a year directly on site, eliminating the loss of vitamins, nutrients and logistically demanding transfers," she explains further.

A need of change in consumer mindset

MoraviaLab company specializes in the development and production of vertical systems on which herbs, microgreens, vegetables, but also fruits can be grown. "We are able to satisfy the needs of both small growers, households, catering facilities and large growing halls", explains Zuzana Šitavancová.

MoraviaLab systems are modular and based on hydroponic growing technology. Therefore, plants only need water to grow and, in the case of some types of vegetables, bio nutrients. The systems use energy-efficient components and very effective lighting techniques, which have been proven to stimulate the maximum production of vitamins in microgreens. "We have put together a wonderful team of enthusiastic experts who have been working in the field of vertical cultivation for many years. I think that together we can gradually start a change the way of consumers mindset”.

Local sustainable production

The trend of vertical cultivation of microgreens and vegetables is currently very popular mainly abroad. This trend is closely related to the changes of mindset and global trends that began to develop after the covid pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Thanks to the emerging global economic crisis, the trend of deglobalization or regionalization of the market is starting, and great emphasis will be placed on self-sufficiency.

"Our goal is to set up the concept of a new local self-sufficient sustainable form of food production with high nutritional value in the Moravian-Silesian region. We have set up a showroom where we present our cultivation systems and present the latest trends in vertical cultivation," says Zuzana Šitavancová. The company cooperates with schools and other educational institutions and prepares an educational events for the general public.

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